​​​The Baptist Way Radio

A Mission Outreach of Hartsville Missionary Baptist Church


     Thank you for visiting "The Baptist Way Radio" website. We, at Hartsville Missionary Baptist Church, believe that during the earthly ministry of our Lord, while fulfilling the prophecies of the Old Testament, in obedience to the will of God the Father, having begun the work of establishing the kingdom of heaven in the world, and having chosen men who He himself prepared to receive a holy commission to go into all the world and with the authority and power that God vested in Him, having been baptized by John, that He in the flesh gave commandment to His disciples to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to whosoever will hear.

     We are confident that this labor was entrusted to those, who having found peace with God through an experience of grace, and having obeyed the will of God in submitting to the baptism of John, that we are able to fulfill this as God provides opportunity.

     We further believe that the labor of God while being executed through the local Baptist church, we are bound by the love of Christ which dwelleth in us, to use whatever means that become available to the church to reach you the listener. We therefore do endeavor with our whole heart to bring you the substance which sustains us, and that has driven the Baptist people (in times, at the cost of their lives) to this present time, and we are sure that will sustain us until His return.

     We hope that you will enjoy the spiritual music that is swiftly being replaced by praise that is satisfying to the flesh, but not uplifting to God, but most importantly the preached Word of God by local Missionary Baptist preachers, who this church places confidence in, to bring you a message from heaven.

     Please feel free to contact us or comment on our work and the content of this broadcast. May God bless each one who might be affected by this labor, and to all who are lost and separated from God, that they might hear a word that would bring conviction to their soul, that they might seek Him until they find the peace that passes all understanding.